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Urban Herb 


2 weeks, Oct 2023


The project involved the creation of branding and packaging design elements for "Urban Herb," a cannabis store that offers a curated selection of cannabis products and accessories. The objective was to establish a distinctive and appealing visual identity for the store that aligns with its urban and contemporary positioning.

Skills Utilized

Design Research
Visual Design

Market Research

Shopping Bag

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Business Card

Herb Jar
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Visual Identity


The design ingeniously integrates the initials of the brand, "U" and "H," to form a harmonious and visually striking emblem. Its clean lines, subtle curves, and expertly balanced negative space evoke a sense of modern elegance.

Color Palette

The calming and earthy tones of sage green create a harmonious connection to the cannabis theme's natural and organic aspects. While the green exudes a sense of tranquility and growth, the subtle inclusion of muted blues and yellows adds depth and versatility to the palette. 

The Outcome

My project stands out for its commitment to redefining the perception of the cannabis industry. "Urban Herb" is designed to be clean, modern, and down-to-earth. It challenges stereotypes of cannabis as subpar by demonstrating that it can be well-designed and approachable. This approach reflects the essence of the cannabis industry while infusing it with a touch of sophistication, transforming the way people view and engage with cannabis. It exemplifies the power of design and branding to reshape perceptions while maintaining a sense of accessibility.

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