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4 weeks, October 2021

Skills Utilized

Design Research
Way-finding Design
3D Modeling
Visual Design


The South Squirrel Hill neighborhood is a dynamic and diverse community with a rich history and a mix of long-term residents and new arrivals. My aim is to create a visual identity for the neighborhood and improve navigation through the development of a customized signage system. 


        In the process of wayfinding, the strategic link is the environmental image, the generalized mental picture of the exterior physical world that is held by an individual. This image is the product both of immediate sensation and of the memory of past experience, and it is used to interpret information and to guide action. The need to recognize and pattern our surroundings is so crucial, and has such long roots in the past, that this image has wide practical and emotional importance to the individual. A good environmental image gives its possessor an important sense of emotional security. He can establish a harmonious relationship between himself and the outside world.

— Kevin Lynch, “Image of the City”


  • Use typography, color, and material as a storytelling tool in an environment.

  • Utilize both large and small-scale interventions to create a sense of place.

  • Use drawing and digital prototypes to test design ideas.

  • Discuss theories and concepts related to the discipline of signage and wayfinding.

01 Research

I conducted both primary and secondary research to gain a thorough understanding of the neighborhood. This included a site visit to observe and document the various routes and modes of transportation that people might use, such as walking, driving, taking the bus, or biking. I also took photos and screen captures of the surrounding environment, including architectural features, landscapes, and streetscapes, to capture the character and feel of the neighborhood. This research helped me to gain a deep understanding of the neighborhood and its context.

01 Jenny Wang_ Research & Design Concept.jpg
01 Jenny Wang_ Research & Design Concept.jpg

02 Analysis + Parti Map

Parti Map:

My Parti map is a simplified “cognitive” map of the site of study, which includes key paths, edges, nodes (gathering places), points of historical interest, and any physical or other information important to understanding the place. 

02 Jenny Wang_ Process & Prototyping.jpg

03 Design,Prototype,Refine

02 Jenny Wang_ Process & Prototyping.jpg
02 Jenny Wang_ Process & Prototyping.jpg
02 Jenny Wang_ Process & Prototyping.jpg
02 Jenny Wang_ Process & Prototyping.jpg

04 Final Prototype

During the process of prototyping, I developed photomontages to test my ideas and assumptions, documented my successes and failures to discuss what's working and what isn't, and also printed out full-scale signs to see what I might be missing.

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