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4 weeks, November 2022


SEGD is a non-profit, global, multidisciplinary community of professionals who plan, design, and build experiences that connect people to places. For this project, I was asked to design an event identity for the in-person SEGD conference held in Shanghai. 

Skills Utilized

Design Research
3D Modeling
Visual Design

Billboard Design

Exploring the idea of place and interiority in the public realm is interesting because it raises a question on the position of subjective place experience and individual engagement with place. Each subject is present in the public domain as the individual self; at the same time, they are part of the collective subjects that contribute to the collective experience.

Event Brochure 
ID Card & Lanyard
Event Tickets 
Visual Identity

I used different types of materials I can find in the house to create letter forms. I documented several of my favorites and translated that into 2D sketches.  And from that, I designed my unique typeface that could be used for the conference branding. 

Design Guidelines

I thoroughly relished the journey of crafting the event branding for our design conference, as it was not only immensely gratifying but also an enlightening experience. Witnessing the transformation of my initial concept, brought to life through a myriad of materials like foam core, wire, cardboard, and wooden sticks, into a vibrant and cohesive event identity was both captivating and rewarding. This project reaffirmed the power of creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication in turning an abstract vision into a tangible and impactful reality.

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