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Awakening Dreams

Surrealism, Nature, and the Unveiling of Human Spirit

Urban Motion

Amidst the swirl of distorted colors and forms, there emerged glimpses of life, fleeting moments of connection that spoke to the resilience and beauty of the city spirit. In these images, the cityscape became a canvas of dreams, where the city's pulse and the human heart intertwined in a dance of light and shadow.

Vinyl Record Design for Berlioz's NYC in 1940

Travel Book

Spinning Yarn

Exploring Time

Time is a human invention, a way of framing the endless flow of existence across past, present, and future. But I want to draw focus to this specific moment in the cycle of life. The peeling tree bark, wrinkled petals, and broken branches - all marks of time's passing - bring with them a sense of sophistication and wisdom, like the wrinkles on an elderly person's skin. They remind us of the beauty and depth that comes with the passage of time.