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Architecture & Interior Design

C&O Canal

The viewing tower at Lock No. 52 of the C&O Canal is designed to provide a unique perspective of the surrounding landscape, including the river, canal, and bike path. Located at an elevation of 445' above sea level, the platform is constructed using a combination of concrete and timber frame materials. From the upper-level viewing platform, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the Lock and the Potomac River.

Joint-artists House

The house accommodates two artist families, providing private living spaces for each family as well as a shared gathering space. The studio is designed to foster collaboration among the artists.

Hostel on Spring Garden

The design of the hostel emphasizes the contrast between historical and contemporary elements, as well as public and private spaces. The front of the hostel, facing the intersection, is open and inviting, with a glass-enclosed multipurpose room. In contrast, the inner courtyard offers a more private setting. The slanted wall divides the hostel into various types of private rooms on the upper floors.

Wellness Clinic

I had the opportunity to work on the Cheng's Wellness Clinic in New York as part of the interior design team at Benwu Studio. My primary focus was on the floor plan design, as well as the interior and exterior rendering.

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